Unlimited Group Classes

The Drive 495 group training classes are programmed & lead by our industry leading strength coaches. No one is just a number in a crowd. We focus on you with the same style of individualized attention employed in our personal training sessions. By using solid programing concepts and limiting each class to only 10 participants, we are able to create a dynamic experience that doesn’t just optimize your fitness, but your community as well.



Drive 495 provides a refined, professional environment that caters to the relentless pace and high demands of life in the city. From steam rooms and laundry service to filtered water and shaving needs, allow us to provide the little touches that allow you to focus on optimizing your life.


Preferential Access 

Membership comes with privileges. As a member at Drive 495 enjoy access to our golf simulators as well as preferred member pricing and scheduling on all of our services including physical therapy, acupuncture, golf lessons, nutritional support and cryotherapy. Inquire now for membership information and join the nation’s leading gym community.

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