We are thrilled to announce our newest partnership with Strive Vitamin Therapy. Strive is a trusted wellness brand that allows consumers access to the most effective IV, injection and boost formulations within co-locations, at home, and on the go.


A MEDICAL COMPANY: StriveIV offers highly curated, preservative-free formulations created by medical doctors and administered byRNs.

HIGHEST QUALITY & PRESERVATIVE FREE: Ingredients and supplies from hospital grade US medical suppliers are preservative-free, non-synthetic and non corn-based.

GOLD STANDARD IN SAFETY AND PRIVACY: Fully HIPAA compliant and adheres to the strictest standards of medical clearance, application and privacy.

BROADEST RANGE OF SERVICES: 15 IV infusions, 7 IV Boosts, 7 intra-muscular injections.

Why Vitamin Therapy?

When vitamin supplements are ingested orally, the body absorbs 30% at best, and even less for those who suffer from immune or gastrointestinal disorders. IV delivery enables 100% absorption and optimal dosage. Vitamins delivered via IVs and injections have many beneficial applications including:

Fitness: Enhances performance and speed of recovery time

Beauty: Improves complexion and promotes healthy hair and nails

Daily Wellness: Boosts immune system, improves recovery times from colds, reduces stress, and improves hydration

Individuals in Need of Specialized Immune Support: Significantly reduces inflammation and boosts the immune system for individuals with Lyme Disease, Thyroid Disease or Arthritis